Honey Bee Swarm Rescue

Honey Bee Rescue inside concreate stairs

Swarms are a natural process that allows honey bees to grow and pollinate other areas. When you see a swarm fly in the air…it can be a surreal experience. Honey bees located in a tree or other natural site are fine, but when they are in your backyard, on your house, or in the street. It’s best to call a local beekeeper to come to pick them up.

Since natural honey bees (which in this case means German honey bees or strong Italian stocks or a similar subspecies, since ‘wild’ honey bees are not native to the US) are slowly going instinct, it’s important to get them properly captured, preferably by a local breeder like Emmett Royal Honey – since we can use the strong genes to increase pollination efforts and assist commercial operations with strong stock. 

Swarms happen from April – July (sometimes outside of those months as well). If you would like to relocate honey bees, please give us a call.

Most swarm rescues are free of charge; depending on the situation or where the hive is located, there may be a charge.

A few cautions, please do not spray the bees with anything; this can get them defensive and make the situation worse. Depending on the size and situation of the swarm/hive, it could take an hour or a week to remove them. If it’s a swarm (a bunch of bees in a cluster), they can be removed in a single day.

Contact us today with your honey bee rescue!