Honey Bee Land Usage

white clover flowers in the grass with honeybee on top of a blade of grass

Do you have land that would be perfect to put honey bees on? We would love to talk to you!

Many want to assist with local pollination efforts and support honey bees. One way to do this is to use local land to support local pollination. Pollination efforts are great for your garden and all agriculture in a 2-3 miles radius around your property!

You would be helping your land and your neighbors land around you. 

In most cases, the number of hives on your property would be under 30 – which could fit in a 400 square foot area. 

Contact us today to discuss using your land. However, due to increasing interest in this regard, not all land will be used, and only 1 honey bee location can be used within a 2-3 mile radius.