queen bee with her attendance that circle her
Honey Bee Education

The Queen

In today’s article, we will focus our attention on some basic aspects of the queen honey bee. The two major items that separate a queen

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lavender plant with a honeybee
Beekeeping Education

The Honey Flow

The honey flow is a time of abundant nectar and, therefore, much honey. It’s important to distinguish this from a normal nectar flow – during

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A group of older worker bees surrounding a queen can balling her.
Honey Bee Education

Queen Balling Behavior: The How and Why

There is an interesting behavior that worker bees (usually 12 days or older) do on mated queens or virgin queens called balling. If you have ever seen a group of worker bees ball a queen, it can be shocking, especially if you have just bought the queen. This article will talk about this behavior in-depth to see what it is and what it means.

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watercolor honeybee

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