About Us

A number of different pictures showing our interests in honey bee research, beekeeping, and working as a family.

Emmett Royal Honey is a locally owned and operated family business. The majority of our team has lived in Emmett for most of their life. This is our home. 

Our primary focus is on the breeding of queen bees for increased survivability and honey bee research.

Through research and application, our hope is that this leads to quality bees for pollination efforts to naturally resist diseases, pests, and the effects of agricultural chemicals needed to sustain food supplies.

Emmett is known for its orchards and has a long history with agriculture. Honey bee pollination has a considerable part in sustaining these environments and growing crops.

We provide backyard beekeeping services, equipment, classes, and raw honey. Check out our store today. 

All our apiaries are located in Emmett, Idaho, or within 10 miles of Emmett.