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Welcome To Emmett Royal Honey! We appreciate you stopping by.

Unfortunately, we had to close our business up in 2023. We will leave our research articles and videos on honey bees up; many seem to be enjoying those. 

Thank you for your love of Honey Bees!

The art of beekeeping

Beekeeping is a rewarding and humbling experience where you act as a steward to upwards of 50,000 honey bees per colony. However, it has its challenges, as colony death worldwide is high, and keeping a healthy colony can be very difficult. Honey bees play a significant role in pollination efforts worldwide. It’s been said that about 35% of all the world’s food crop is dependent on pollinators, most notably the honey bee.

Honey bees naturally can produce honey in quantities well over what they need to survive throughout the year – it’s as if they are thanking us for taking care of them, and the natural raw honey they provide cannot be imitated in any lab. Its health benefits and antibiotic properties have been used for thousands of years.

As researchers and queen breeders, our focus is on education and assisting these creatures in prospering in a harsh landscape. We love to share our passion and research for honey bees with others and provide these natural products to our local community – made by honey bees – cared for by responsible beekeepers.

A honey bee looking at our logo on her hive.
a honey bee sitting on top of a figure with pink roses in the back ground